Gift Certificates available!

 Do you know someone who is having a Sparkle party, or wants to have one?

Now you can purchase gift certificates.

Sparkle Mobile Theme Parties for Kids, has a party for every child and you can give them a gift they’ll

remember for years to come.

Gift Certificates can be made in any denomination.

Just call or email to have one mailed to you today.


The new School year has begun..

…and we hope that your little ones have settled in nicely and are loving it!

Along with new teachers, classrooms, rules and schedules come new faces that

we may or may not make our friends.   Some of these friendships can last a lifetime!
 Your children are excited and forming relationships that are important to their

growth, and will help shape who and what they will grow to be one day.

What we do now is just as important. We help shape those little minds and hopefully

produce children that grow up to be well rounded individuals that are prepared to take

care of themselves once out on their own.

You can make lasting memories and build traditions they will internalize and carry on for generations.

Birthday parties are part of those memories, good times had by all with cake and gifts.

Let us help you make some great memories for the little ones, we want to help you make

their birthdays wonderful.

Thanks for reading!

Christy and Jeanette,

*Sparkle mobile kids parties*